The Monopoly market – cracking the code

Vitis Wines could be your ideal working partner in order to successfully
crack the code of reaching the Swedish wine market through Systembolaget.

Monopoly market

You are probably aware that the Swedish drink market has a retail monopoly for alcoholic beverages, Systembolaget. However, it is less clear what sort of market dynamics are in play once your products reach the market. Or for that matter, how to get your products listed in the first place. From a producer’s perspective, how does the inner processes and requirements for Systembolaget purchasing actually work?

Systembolaget – cracking the code

We see two distinct phases in order to be successful: 
Phase one is key – finding the highest quality and most suitable style to meet the tender specifications. Vitis Wines has vast experience of selection and tasting evaluation for more than a decade, there are only a very few importers with such an extensive and deep knowledge of the tasting process. After all, if you don’t come out winning the tender, nothing else counts.

Phase two for a successful launch is the skill of marketing precision, based on a data driven analysis of the Swedish monopoly market. Once you have managed to pass the needle’s eye to get your product on the shelf – you want to make sure you stay there! This is where Vitis Wines benefits from our partnership with Urban Wines – a company with a remarkable track record of successful launches through Systembolaget. 

You will find Vitis Wines uniquely positioned to make your brand a success!